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Video English Subtitling & Trans-lyrics (OPEN) [10 spots Subs]

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Video English Subtitling & Trans-lyrics (OPEN) [10 spots Subs]

Post by Cherucha on Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:00 am

Hi I am open for subtitling video's mainly for Solo or duet Vocaloid covers. By that I mean take the lyrics your using and subtitle the offical PV for you to use on your covers. I want to get some more practice with subtitling but I do not feel I am totally ready to translate and subtitle new song releases from Nico Nico yet. So I thought Subtitling video's for covers would be my best bet. I will take in 10 requests it takes around 5 hours to subtitle the video and render it down. Might take longer depending on the difficulty of the song,down below are some samples.

Sample 1 (Only Sample for Subtitles)

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4 (Fancy subtitles)

Sample 5

I can do basically subtitles or more advanced ones to go with the video, I have 10 spots open for this, I put a limit so I do not get bombarded. I will render the video in a mp4 1080p format for use on youtube.Will give you the file for download when done over skype. I will find the clean video file with no already made English subtitles on it by myself so as long as you tell me which PV, to use for the song; and give me the lyrics you use in your cover it will be fine.

As for trans-lyrics I will write lyrics or help touch up lyrics to English Covers you are doing. All the Samples above are featuring trans-lyrics written by myself. So they will serve as samples to my lyrics, it will take me 2 day's to write up any trans-lyrics. I will send a first draft to you when finish so you can look at them and check out what you want changed or if something does not sit quite right.

I can be contacted by PM here, on youtube, or through my skype (Suciune)

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