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d(´,,・ω・,,`d) by mir

Post by Kuma-tan on Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:08 pm

✤about me
Hey, this is Mira and I go by the alias [mir] when I sing (for no particular reason, really). I'm a part-time UTAU user and singer. If I had to be honest, I don't feel like I have a great voice, however, I still do like to sing. I don't exactly aspire to become very popular or well loved, though. Fame and is great and all, but I just want careful, constructive criticism/honest opinions.

What to expect from my channel(s):
-Both UTAU and singing covers. I'm still more comfortably and UTAU user, so you should expect those type of covers more frequently than singing ones. If you don't know what UTAU is, feel free to ask!
-Some songs that feature some autotune effects.
-Mostly Vocaloid songs, really. Chill ones (acoustic/piano or softer sounding songs). I don't exactly have the skill for rock-type songs yet...

✤contact info
-If you have an opinion or a critique for me, just comment right below! 
-If you really need to say something in private, shoot me a DM on Twitter since I don't update here too often. As a last resort or if you just wanna say hi, message me on Skype. 
-If you're just plain stalking me? Uh....let me make it easier I guess? 

Twitter || @miramiee
Skype || miramiee
Youtube || miramiee
Tumblr (I sh*t post) || miraisalmostoncrack

Featured Cover

"The Angelfish" by Patorichev

All Covers✤ 
The Angelfish -short-
  SC - YT - NND
Ai Kotoba -acoustic-

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