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Looking for tuner (and possibly mixer as well) [OPEN]

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Looking for tuner (and possibly mixer as well) [OPEN]

Post by Kumoshi on Mon May 18, 2015 5:32 pm

I've been thinking it would be nice to have someone I can ask on a regular basis to tune my vocals, as I don't have much tuning knowledge myself and I feel bad about asking a bunch of different people/spamming on Twitter whenever I want to find someone to tune. So if anyone would be willing to tune things for me, please do contact me, preferably with example(s) of your tuning. In general, I'm not in a rush, so if you're busy and will need a long time to tune, I don't mind waiting.

It would also be helpful if any mixers would be willing to mix for me pretty regularly, though this isn't really as much of a necessity since several people have generously offered to mix.

Usually it'll be for solo covers, but sometimes I might want duets or other small collabs to tuned or mixed. For instance, I have a duet of Ai Kotoba in progress, and would prefer someone else to tune and mix or else I'll butcher it with my limited mixing abilities :p

If you know someone who might be willing to tune and/or mix, if you could let them know that I'm seeking, that would be a great help! c:
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