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Love's Kingdom of Translyrics

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Love's Kingdom of Translyrics  Empty Love's Kingdom of Translyrics

Post by Love(`・ω・´) on Mon May 18, 2015 4:48 pm

Hai hai~ 
So here's my little corner of translyrics ^-^ I hope you enjoy! 
I haven't sung some of these songs yet, but oh well XD

Alice Human Sacrifice:

The first Alice in this story was born of the Spade
And as she progressed forward, she tightly held her blade
Cutting anything that dared to cross her on the way
She had made a path of spite where the blood stains will stay

Walking in the deep forest, Alice couldn't see
And she was locked up as the sin consumed her body
Like the very nature of the forest and its ways,
Her existence there was hidden behind all the haze

The second Alice was a man of the Diamond
And he had sung over every part of Wonderland
Fillinf the people's minds with all his twisted words
He had created up his own distorted world

This new Alice was as fragile as a rose
And by a madman's gun, his life was soon disposed
And as he laid on the ground, he was drenched in bright red
And everyone who loved him watched as he had joined the dead

The third Alice, she was a child of the Clover
Her beautiful figure made her very popular
And she had commanded everyone to do her whims
She had made a country overpowering other kings

This new Alice she was crowned the country's queen
And she had ruled everything with distorted dreams
Afraid of seeing her rotten flesh exposed
Her rule over the land was somthing that was imposed

If you just continue down the forest's course
A sweet fragrance will emmit; the tea is the source
Within an invitation from the country's queen
An Ace of Hearts had been hiding

The fourth Alice were a pair of twins born of the Heart
And their curiosity in Wonderland had start
They had waled through many kinds of doors in all the land
Making sure to stick together, walking hand in hand

The tougher oler sister
The smarter younger brother
They had wandered too far into Alice's Wonderland

They will never wake up from their nightmarish dream
And will wander in Wonderland for eternity


Can you please tell me oh just tell me
The way how it all works?
I'm scared that you will see
What lives inside of me
In this broken world. This broken world
You keep living on
Shutting your eyes so tight
So you can hide from life

The world's weight took a toll on me
And I just hold my breath
I cannot break, 
no I cannot break so I can see the truth
It's breakable, unbreakable
It's shakeable, unshakable
It shook me when I found you

In this twisted world I'm fearing a fading existence
And soon I'll become insignificant 
Don't waste your time to search for someone like me
Please don't stare at me
I don't wanna hurt you to feel sensations
In this world formed from imagination
And it's all I plea
so please remember me
Just as I used to be

It stretches on out forever
The isolation in my heart
My laugh will be heard never
Memories got torn apart
I cannot move, can't come apart
I cannot move, can't come apart
I cannot move, I cannot move now

I became transformed in 
This world I could not change
Two became intertwined
Those same two had soon died
I let it break, won't let it break
It drives you mad, won't drive you mad
I promise I won't hurt you

And now in this twisted world I'm fearing a fading existence
And soon I'll become insignificant 
Don't waste your time to search for someone like me
Please don't stare at me
I don't wanna hurt you to feel sensations
In this world formed from imagination
And it's all I plea
so please remember me
Just as I used to be 

Please don't forget it
Please don't forget it
Please don't forget it
Please don't forget it

The things that have changed, they will soon be paralyzed 
And things stayed the same will be put in paradise
And It's all I plea so please remember me
So tell me now
So tell me now
Is it so clear to see
What lives inside of me?


All the words that I can not say out loud will be written in letter form
Wanna send it to the future me that I wanted to be informed
But where to send it, I do not know
And where am I? My eyes wouldn't show
Now I'm sitting here wondering what to do with all of my feelings

Can you tell me how it feels to become someone that you always hated, dear
All the fingers pointing down at you from heaven and God's laughing hard up there
Shut up you piece of worhtless trash
And hurry up get out of my sight
All the misery starts to weigh you down so bitterly

Getting tired of this pain
Turn your eyes away from love
Shut inside this room and face true terrorism
I've just been singing this whole time
No scratch that, that's a lie- I'm crying
And if you don't believe a word I'm saying, then fine
Just take a bullet for all of your hate
And shoot away

And now that it's your turn you gotta fight
Just blocking our their spite
Reaching for those abandoned dreams and it will be alright
I'm betting all of my heart on this resistance
And so they're making jokes about you now
Just laugh and take a bow
Because in your own way that's a coup d'etat
And overtime neither side will win
I brand new counter attack willl begin

In my mind I always believed that my fate will change if I went and wrote a song
I had followed that so blind to the option that maybe I had been wrong
Domination of this world
Nobody talks about that I heard
And even idiots in this world wouldn't let it cross their minds

The voices coming from the corwd trap me inside a prison
Where the fear consumes me, now that's terrorism
And I've rejected everyone
No scratch that, that' a lie- I run
Away towards our final chance I'll bear
Even if the stage is terrible here
I'm so sorry

And now that it's your turn you gotta fight
Just blocking out their spite
Ignoring everybody jeering at you; It's alright
I cry for help
My heart is going down, mayday!
And so they're making jokes about you now
Just laugh and take a bow
Inside a single room and uprising is happening
And we defend against ourselves and not them
A brand new revolution will begin

So even if you can't stop to breathe
Don't fall down to your knees
Your heart is there for only you and only you can see
Your life is shining brightly, that's what makes it life!

And even if you fall to your knees 
And trip or even grieve
That's proof that you are trying to move on ahead
And that is why those who laugh, you forget
No matter what, the world will keep on spinning again
Is that so? Is that so?
Please tell me what you know

Trick and Treat:

Len: Going deeper and deeper 
       into the fog where those two captivating voices echo round
       Come on down come on now. 
       Until you're so deep in the forest that the heart of it is found
Rin: Hurry up hurry up
      You'll only get there if you run into the darkness that's within
      Come on now come on now
      Is it really fun? When you're ready we will let the games begin

Len: the cinnamon stick in your hand
      Let's all pretend it's a magic wand
Rin: With one flick of your little wrist
       The syrup will spread out beyond
       In a dream so sweet that all the problems you have melt away
Len: Close your eyes as you fall asleep
Both: And in your dreams go astray

Rin: It's okay to be lost by hallucinations you think are real
       Don't you touch that blindfold or the fun you will no longer feel
Len: It's okay to let your body go limp as I grab you by the hand
       Don't walk away 'cause right now you 
Both: Will fall under my command

Len: For some time it has happened
       The glint of doubt has been flickering on and off from out that blade
       In this place there is only 
       The pain that's felt; love has no mercy or a reason to invade
Rin: And though you should be sleeping
      You peeked through an opening in the blindfold that I had tied up
      So to your horror you saw
      The shadows cast onto the wall
Both: And the hairs on your neck stood up

Len: Oh my Oh my what a bad child!
       How dare you already arise
Rin: If the blind fold has slipped off
       Then should I, in turn, blind your eyes?
       Come on come on show your smile 
       And let's all see your cutest face
Len: If you understand all those lies
Both: Then please get back in your place

*Hey... Give it here*

Len: Oh look at how your eyes, they widen
      And your body's trembling in fright
      Should I bring you some warm milk
      To keep your fears calm through the night?
Rin: Now now you should come inside 
      As I fake my act of hospitality
      Don't you worry 
      All those things in your pocket will pay the fee
Both: Give that here quickly quickly now
        You should just listen to my voice
        Throw away those petty thoughts
        that you actually have a choice
        Just be ensnared by all our lies
        And taste the candy and honey
        Hand it over right now. Listen to my voice 
Len: Give it to me!

La la la la la la ~

Tawagoto Speaker:

The feelings that I hide in my heart
One by one, I kill them off
The smile is what I use to cover
The hateful hateful tears I cry

The scars I tried so hard to cover
They hurt they hurt, but I won't tell 
Because even then, you never would
Ever ever notice

Your hateful words spinelessly 
Watch me die so silently 
You will never understand 
The way my heart just hurts so much
The light that left in front of me
Is something I never will see
The lies that clench onto my heart
Yes, they make up me

Once morning comes, you always will
Be gone be gone, but I don't care
You left me alone, having to bear
The scars the scars, they hurt

Always you cover yourself
With a fake smile, I can tell
From the depths of my poor heart
Forgiveness to you rips apart
How can I possibly say
"It hurts so much" right to your face?
I am the world's laughing show and so 
I laugh and laugh

I thought I had disappeared now
It's all a lie
It's all a lie

Your hateful words spinelessly
Watch me die so silently
So then myself and those words
I can't forgive them even now
If you want me to die so bad
Th please just do it by your hand
The lies that clench onto my heart
Yes they make up me
All of me

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