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[OPEN] Artist and Animator Wanted(PV for Sayonara Midnight)

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[OPEN] Artist and Animator Wanted(PV for Sayonara Midnight)

Post by Cherucha on Sun Feb 08, 2015 11:17 pm

Hi Well I am looking for a few people to make art and animate an original PV for the Song Sayonara Midnight originally by Gumi(Whisper). This PV would be used in my English cover of the song Sayonara Midnight English Cover

I just really feel like this song needs one as it is just a very lovely song plus I kinda want my cover to be more than a picture with subtitles. Also for further viewing and use of the song (thinking about putting the original gumi version Original to the PV as well). 

I really think this song deserves a nice animation for it as it is just a song that I think is very beautiful to listen too. Anyway I need at most 2 artists,and 1 animator for this project as it will (hopefully) be a very simple project. 

For an artist want maybe 2 people or one person who can do both the art and backgrounds I am looking for someone with very clean style other than that nothing much just Post a link or sample of your work or another PV you may have done art for.

...Well since I do not animate, I would like someone who knows what there doing I guess is all I can ask for,same with an animator I would like you to post a link or sample to your other works so I may take a look.

I will judge based on what I see and well we will go from there,make sure you also have some way for me to contact you like skype and if your the animator some way to upload the PV when done for easy 4share or dropbox. Thanks for hearing me out and I hope to see...or hear from you guys.
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