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Post by Akiran on Mon Dec 29, 2014 9:15 pm

I have difficulty creating creative titles and often defer back to all-caps text.

But I'm known as Akiran on YouTube! I believe my strong point is actually power/volume, but unfortunately, I can't show that in my covers because my mic isn't quite up for that kind of thing (neither are my mixing skills). So I stick to softer songs or songs more solidly in my range that don't require a lot of belting for covers. I'm hoping when I improve my mixing skills (which may be... far from now) that I can do some more electronic songs!

Most recent cover:

I uploaded a new cover just today--I had a friend doing fanart for it, but she got extremely busy and told me she probably wouldn't be able to finish the art, and to just go on ahead and upload the video without her. B(

It sounds better with headphones or earbuds! At least to me.

I tried to make it a kind of raw feeling (mostly because I tried a new audio program and was too impatient with it so I did some equalization and that kind of thing but I didn't manage to figure out reverb... hhhhahaha). ALSO REALLY PROUD OF THE LAST CHORUS OF HELLO HOW ARE YOUS. It's kind of like a combination of American accent and Japanese accent English...? Kind of a tiny detail I was really proud of.

Need to stop blabbing everywhere. Noted.

Trying to figure out what I want to do next...

Previous Covers that I deem relatively decent enough to put here to some extent:


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