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【うさうた】 Covers & Collaborations

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【うさうた】 Covers & Collaborations

Post by UtaSong on Tue Nov 25, 2014 9:55 pm

Hello~ I'm not sure how to work this forum because I've been away for so long. 8'D
But recently I saw that YTchorus is once again active, so i thought of posting something here as well <3
My name's Uta, and I like to sing upbeat and cute songs. I do mixing for people as well, so if you need a mixer, don't hesitate to approach me, I'll definitely agree to it if I have time for it. :D 

PS: I really like collaborations, so do PM me on my youtube channel if you're interested in joining in any projects with me.

Here's my latest cover~!:

And my latest collaborations~!:


Singing Alias : うさうた Female
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