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New Portfolio Categories

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New Portfolio Categories

Post by Aerlith on Sat Nov 15, 2014 9:25 pm

Helloe veryone!

If you haven't noticed already, we have implemented some changes on the forums! The Share Your Work category has been expanded to make space for the different types of portfolios that we now have. If you are wondering where your old Share Your Work portfolios went, they are here!

You may have also noticed a change to your mini-profiles. There is now a Portfolios link. Please note that this is NOT a place for you to advertise your Youtube or Soundcloud or any other websites. This space is specifically for your portfolios on YTChorus. As you can see in my profile, I have linked to my Covers portfolio and Writing portfolio. You can use BBC on these links! Smile

These changes are made in light of the new points/feedback system that we have set up. All of the information is summed up here if you haven't been following the Feedback System poll. With this system, you are now able to earn points towards badges and also use the points you earn as a sort of currency to request / "buy" feedback. You spend your points to receive feedback on specific projects that you want critiques on.

We have also moved the Inactive portfolios out of the Active portfolios. If the portfolio has not been updated in the last six months, they can now be found there. Everyone who currently has an active portfolio has been awarded five points. If you do not have a portfolio yet, you have one week, until November 22, 2014, to create a portfolio! If you joined after November 22, 2014, then you can receive 3 points for creating an introduction thread and 2 points for creating your first portfolio!

If you have given someone feedback in the month of November, don't forget to turn in your feedback in THIS THREAD. Unfortunately, we cannot count feedback that has been given in the previous months.

Hope you guys enjoy the changes.
Forever messing with staff.
Forever messing with staff.

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