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[Mixer WANTED] for soloprojects

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[Mixer WANTED] for soloprojects

Post by Chilali on Tue Sep 09, 2014 10:09 am

Hello guys,

you're looking for a new challenge of mixxing?
Then you're right here.
I covered over a years ago and want to begin one more time.

I guarantee you that you get some Praxis, when you have to mix my vocals, because my voice sounds a bit special.
But don't worry it's not because I can't sing or something Razz
I also mixxed groupcovers soon, but I haven't time anymore because of working and I can't it that good.

If you want to, I'll show you privatly two or the of my privatly covers.
I will cover fullsizes of Animes in German.

Anyone interested?

Thank you for response.

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