【OPEN】Looking for a mixer for solo projects

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【OPEN】Looking for a mixer for solo projects

Post by shigure_kun_ on Fri Aug 08, 2014 3:18 am

so ummm yeah uhhhhhh 
at first i decided to mix by myself but then i realised that i was a totally lost cause OTL
so yeaaaaaaa i need some help with mixing for future covers. Most of them have some auto-tune effect and other techno-ish stuff which i'm totally hopeless with and have no idea how to do without messing it up real bad;; So that's why i'm looking for your help!

List of Songs:
Streaming Heart - Deco27*
Yakimochi no Kotae - Honeyworks
Tokyo Teddy Bear - Neru
Undead Enemy - GigaP
Renai Saiban - 40mp

so ummm yeah if you're interested, pls let me know!!

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Re: 【OPEN】Looking for a mixer for solo projects

Post by fuunyu on Tue Aug 12, 2014 5:34 pm

Can this thread come at a better time when I'm addicted with autotune ;A;

I would love to help you! <3 (I need some mixing practice too if you dont mind) 

The bad news is I'm kinda busy with senior year, so I'll probably only mix on the weekends and only do 2 songs (it could be less or more if I know //rolls) 

I mix my own covers if you want a sample how it sounds like :D
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