Taki-kun's Shikō shippai!! :P

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Taki-kun's Shikō shippai!! :P

Post by Taki-Kun on Thu Apr 24, 2014 11:46 am

Hello everyone, My name is Takeru Inudo, but you can call me Taki-kun if you want. I do quiet a bit of things on my channel (Youtaite/Utaite, gaming, and some more I hope to do) , though not popular, I do try to update every several weeks when I have the chance. I have more gaming than Youtaite/Utaite, this is mainly because I have been plagued by constant on n off colds and other ailments that just refuse to go away. I hope to get better at this and make some good works. I'm also working on an abridged series, which I hope to start uploading by mid to late May (if I get enough voice actors ((experienced or not)) soon).

so here we go!

My first Youtaite is "Ah It's a Wonderful Cat Life REMAKE!~ demo"

It's pretty quiet, So u may have to turn your volume up. Also, I just got so tired of not being able do anything cause of being sick, so I tried to sing things out of frustration. As you can see, because I was sick I cept getting tired out easily and need alot of breaks and couldnt hit certain notes as I wanted. Also, im no good at mixing, so that is pretty terrible ^_^; hence why I labeled it a demo Razz If anyone is willing to help me with the mixing and such I would forever be in debt to you ;A; I made the lyrics to match me and my GF more, so it will be quiet different compared the the original English dubed version. Any critique would be welcomed!

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