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Lianna's Dustbin

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Lianna's Dustbin

Post by LTreat on Thu Apr 10, 2014 6:34 am

Welp, I'm following the instructions right off the bat~
Dis 'ere is Lianna and here are my fabumouse works! Ok that was weird >.>
Anyways, I've said it before but I lack a mic. I steal my dad's phone to do recordings sometimes however, that thing is running out of memory. Because of this, it's unlikely I'll actually be updating or posting that much. TT^TT I was planning to do a Japanese cover too.
Well, for what I do have so far I'm not very happy about. I'd really like some constructive feedback if anyone is willing to do so~

Ordered from first cover to last~

Orange [English Cover]:

Time Machine [English Cover]:

Pierrot [English Acoustic Cover]:

Extra stuff is here.

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