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Lianna's Dustbin -Translyrics-

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Lianna's Dustbin -Translyrics-

Post by LTreat on Thu Apr 10, 2014 6:02 am

Ahh... Recently, a friend of mine kind of forced me into proposing to a dustbin... Anyways!
Here be where I'll be posting my collection of works. You can find most of them on my tumblr and back in the day... They did not rhyme. I am sorry. ^^"

The Wolf who Fell in Love with Little Red Riding Hood:
It all begins, begins with chance, the all so fateful scene
In the corner of my eye I see a flash of red

I sense, I see a black shadow, hidden there behind the trees
I run away because I feared, I feared the dark presence

The encounter (leads to the end)
It’s my own (scenario)
That is why I had to, had to take the other path

I want to meet you but
I want to touch you but
I want to talk to you
But it can’t happen

You are weak and I am sly
The encounter only leads to the end
Even if I curse my fate
Destiny, it still won’t change
Oh why are you
Ah why am I
The wolf and little red riding hood

You’ll walk down this path again as you have forever done
And I will, as forever done, hide and watch you glide

You’re hiding there, behind the tree as you have forever done
And I will, as forever done, pretend you’re not there

Our eyes they can’t (don’t ever meet)
Our voices don’t (can’t ever reach)
We just sigh together like we’ve done so since forever

I want to meet you yet
I want to touch you yet
I want to talk to you
Yet I don’t mind not

You’re not reliable and I’m uncomfortable
As long as you’re there I will be fine
Even if they deny this love
Their words, they won’t make me stop
Ah I’m trying my best
Oh you’re trying your best but
This ending, it will never be changed

I want to meet you so
I want to touch you so
I want to talk to you
So much it hurts me

You are so lovely and I am so gentle
So why can’t we get the ending we long for?

Countless times oh countless times
I’ve prayed to god so many times but
Whatever I do ah whatever you do
We’re the wolf and little red riding hood

I want to help you dry those tears
But the hand I send out it trembles in fear
I want to comfort you, I love you so
But I can’t do a single thing

I’ve tried so hard
I’ve wished for so long
But the claws and fangs they never leave
So I’ll be waiting for you to stop crying
I’ll be waiting behind the trees

Tokyo Teddy Bear:
To my dear mum and dad
I give my apologies
I’m sucking on my thumb; I feel my shaking knees
To brother and sister
I’ll see you again soon
I’m being reckless in my worn-out shoes

I feel my pride rising so I lay it out on the page
If everything is fine, I’ll just get them remade
I complained, saying that I want to be loved, I know right?
But if I could find some tough scissors
I would cut off your pretty face

Hear my words which are all true
No need for you and no need at all
All I need is a clear mind
Why not, I don’t know
I got hurt while I was toying with the creation of tomorrow
It was all in order to fill the gaps between the seams

Everyone, I say goodbye
Hey Sir, I hope you’re well
I begin to drool, as it throbs my chest
Is that what you truly think?
That will only make you a fool
Is that what you truly see?
That will make you a bigger fool

Ah, everything still not enough, not enough
My sewing machine it must big
So it will pierce your heart

Hear my words which are all true
No need for you and no need at all
All I need is a clear mind
Why not, I don’t know
I got hurt while I was toying with the creation of tomorrow
It was all in order to fill the gaps between the seams

With nothing left, I ripped it all, everything is gone, gone forever
All I am is just a cell lying in a sea of strings
Even so, I will never, never let myself be thrown away
Not even in the place which I used to call my home

Proof of life

Ah, shut up now, the only things you say are full of lies
I will end it all, I will even cheat
Now you must answer me
Don’t you want to change?
Don’t you want to rise?
All of this isn’t me!
I have pulled and broken off at least a thousand seams

I drown in the fire of my own life
Future? It doesn’t matter
I want and I will change

Jealousy’s the thing always getting to me
Who’s the one trying to make you play?
Even with the knight been taken away
My foe, yes he, pretends he didn’t see

The pain I gain, it doesn’t make a draw
It really wasn’t good, it’s GAME OVER
On the old black and white checkerboard
He had me in a corner which I never even saw

I see no way out of this...
No excuse will do...
Another win for you…
It’s all over, I have lost, another miss…
If this is how it ends then for me,
God doesn’t exist

Come on out and fight, pull out that thick book
Don’t even dare to give me that look
When will it all end? Well that just won’t do
I understand it more than you
Hey, you know it’s hard, I know it’s no use
But I’m trying my best to put us on truce
Curse that damn pawn, it’ll only move straight
More of my hate…

And with the loss of another draw
Should we put an end to your endless wins?
And just give up on your vulnerable king
While saying ‘I don’t want you anymore’?

I just refused to give up my pride
Having drowned in defeat so many countless times
Just how for long will this cycle repeat?
It’s already so close my own defeat

Another defeat, would you stop saying it like that?
‘Hmph, when will you just quit?’
Even that will not end it

Why are you grinning? Are you enjoying this?
I’m just another thing on your to-do list
Who are you? What are you to me?
I’m struggling to find the key
Still growing strong, my dream it won’t end
So over and again, I continue this trend
Even if my dream won’t ever come true
To defeat you…

Fighting ‘til the end, at last I see
Here’s the epilogue that was meant for me
Is it finally my win?
Impossible, I knew that

Just one final leap, I’m not quite there yet
Even though it’s so, I start to make a bet
Curse the damn pawn, it’ll only move straight
Is it too late?
Even if it’s just a little dream that won’t come true
Or is it?

Romeo & Cinderella:
We all know how it all ends
I can’t be the fateful girl in the tragedy
Please don’t turn me into Juliet
These are all my wishes

Hey mom and dad, I wish you all the best for tonight
I really hope that you have really sweet dreams at night
Didn’t you know that it’s already your bedtime?

The air is filled with too sweet caramel scent
Without knowing my legs are already bent
Do you know how far will we go tonight?

Make sure that you don’t bite me, please just take it slow
I hate all things bitter, didn’t you know?
It must have been mom’s all too pointless sweetened cakes

They all say curiosity just killed the black cat
But if that was so then who is the rat?
All these pointless lines just don’t make any sense
This is the one time I’ll show you my…

I really want to be Cinderella
So I can run away without my nightmares calling
Please let the magic stop all the time
So that the evil queen can’t ever reach us

I want to run just like Juliet did
But don’t you even dare to call me by that name
The both of us we’re destined to be
If you were gone then what of me?

Hey, don’t leave me all alone back there

Even if I tried to look all grown up right now
I promised I’d be a really good girl somehow
So please don’t mind if I broke the rules once again

The black lace that I always wear everyday
There isn’t anyone guarding it today
But just how far will you go beyond it?

Even though I told you so, you still hurt me
But I don’t care right now, I still will love you
But the real problem is that my dad won’t approve of you

You gave me your hand and I gave you mine
So can I trust you with my life on the line?
Please take me from this life my Romeo
Too far for them reach us

The clock struck twelve like for Cinderella
So like her I’ll leave behind my only glass shoe
The preparations are all now complete
I’ve done it all so please come find me

I know she lied, we both are the same
Dreams don’t come true unless you make them come true
And so I’m just doing what she really had done
It was all so that you would love me too

Hey look, I’m standing right here just for you

If you take a little look at what was really in my small heart
You’d find that it’s filled with things that I really want, all the things I don’t have
But all of its not enough I still want more, more things to fill it
So much that maybe you won’t be able to even fit in it
But that doesn’t make any sense at all

Compared to what’s in the bigger box
The smaller one was filled with more joy
What can I do? If this is the end
Then surely I’ll be hated by you

But you have to know, it’s not me at all
It’s my mom and dad who just refuse to give up
You all should know to be really honest
‘Yeah, what I really lost was my golden axe’

But she lied too, that Cinderella
They all say she was killed by the wolf
What do I do? If I don’t change soon
Surely I’ll be soon killed too

So hey, you’ll save me from this world ok?

Melancholic [WIP]:
To think I couldn’t see this, unexpected
To think my heart would be, would be… yeah
When I didn’t see it, didn’t see you
All of that was impossible

It was that, too blank and weird smile
That took my heart away
It was that, too bright yellow Sunday
That took my breath away
It was that, time full of tests again
That made you seem afar
It was that, that special person, a
A melancholist, yeah

Even if I tried to rush things
I feel as though there is no point
Nothing in my hand
Even if I had the courage
I’d just fail it all last minute
I would be stuck again

I can’t grasp you at all
It’s so weird, yeah
My heart was stolen away
By you, yeah
When I didn’t see you, didn’t see you
All of that was impossible

You didn’t realise at all
Didn’t realise
I shouldn’t care about you
Not at all, yeah
Hey hey, don’t just give me
That too blank smile
I can’t sleep again tonight

When tomorrow comes
Will I still be
Be the same, as l
As I always am
Still being unsure
And aloof and…
Being not cute at all

Ever since you were in that too funny dream of mine
Of mine, yeah…
I been lying to you

it went all weird in there somewhere

I can’t grasp you at all
It’s so weird, yeah
Her heart was stolen away
By who? Yeah
When she didn’t see you, didn’t see you
Was it all me after all?

It’s those sort of times
That I want to drown in my own

Shounen Brave:
‘Don’t tease me, please’ the words I stuttered with a plea
Trembling there, I couldn’t help but lie to me
Scared as a boy feeling nothing but lonely
It’s like the word itself the ‘courage’ hated my plea

‘Don’t scare me, please’ the words I stuttered to a puppy
Rain-soaked like me, I begged to be aware of me
Hugged as a boy feeling nothing but lonely
Crying the words, ‘Hey there, you won’t bully me, right?’

Creating a bond like friends
Never spoken like an end
Though I wish I could say
I never saw it
Saw it there
Want it here

The voice and cry which awaited me
The laugh and lies which knocked on me
You’re so dirty
You’re disgusting
You’re ugly
Just die already!

The voice of thoughts came all at once
The clash of thoughts just all knocked at once
Unable to think right
Unable to talk right
This clash of wills will kill me

‘It’s reward for having hope’
The voice of solitude just said
And so I planted all in me
A vengeance, yes?

‘Don’t talk back, please’ the voice I heard them yet again
Flowed into me, I melted back there yet again
Stole as a boy who heard the voice of them
It’s like the voice itself the ‘world’ hated strange me

‘Don’t turn back, please’ the road I ran on to just flee
Running away from a place I couldn’t breathe
Avoid as a boy who heard the hatred of city
Dashing away into a place defined as nowhere

Walking down a path, no road
No purpose to be told
Though I wish I could stay
There it was again
Lonely again
Someone there again

The voice and cry which awaited me
‘I’m waiting too, for a painted today’
Anyone just save me
Someone please just save me
I’m crying here
The world of lonely

The voice of thoughts came all at once
The clash of thoughts came from yesterday
Are you afraid yet?
Are you scared yet?
Do you lack the courage to change the world?

‘All of that’s a lie’
The voice of the boy just said
And so I planted it all in me
Opened the door

The voice of the girl came out
Yesterday, today and the other day
I dreamt of a world where it all easily died yet again
The voice of ‘I’m scared’ hurts me
The feeling of ‘It hurts’ scares me
But what if it all ended
Like a storybook’s happy ending?

The voice of thoughts came all at once
The clash of thoughts came with my own
I’ll always be here
I’ll always tell you
I’ll say it
Don’t cry again, k?

If I could laugh and just talk with
The heart of the voice of thoughts
I could call a boy out
I could call a heart out
The word I know as courage

And as I begin to walk along this road I now call tomorrow
Those voices I always heard before
Never heard again

Summertime Record:
For two days now a clear blue sky
We all sat down to watch clouds high
That kind of warmth makes you smile inside
It urges you to sleep; close your eyes
What was ‘that’? Can you tell me?
So hard to see it’s not easy
All because and you know why
‘Cause age goes on and never dies

A funny play we used to try
A different way to see ‘Growing up’
‘Come on let’s go, today’s a war’
We all held hands to open doors
To be unfair; a natural tone
It just forced us to become alone
And lost as one and I can be
It’s clear as day, me unhappy

Trample the grass and see the sun
Both you and me we stood as one
You held a hand and gave a smile
‘If you’re alone just come on in here’
Even the feels born from too loud cries
Even the ones which seemed to lie
They all come to mind and ask
‘Is all real or fake?’

We all gathered at that small base
For all of us a secret place
Let’s all recall the good and bad
Let’s all retell it all
The stream of white made in the sky
We all point up and cry delight
What was the face you made back then?
Ah isn’t this so weird
I can’t recall

A cruel and weird reality
It just ran off like a tragedy
‘Today’ is just a normal day
But see it all just break anyway
The one before and this one too
See the grownups who don’t speak truth
And all by now we come to see
We all begin to realize

Different thoughts like a spinning world
Blazing and withering sun that twirls
Hear the heat haze call out now
‘Don’t forget and just move along’
Impatience bringing all us sorrows
Dreaming of a bright tomorrow
No turning back but to the days ahead
‘We’ll try our best to change’

Recall the thoughts, recall the time
It’s all over the days and nights
The secret base and our long tale
And on that day, stories too
Those big children made a big plan
And yet again sought to find out
Another long and long journey
‘Let’s meet up all again’

‘Refreshing’ quoted from the heat
A summer sky so crystal clear
Take a deep breath; try not to cry
Let’s come and say goodbye
We’ll find again that secret base
We’ll laugh again that summer day
Remember all those little thoughts
And we’ll all meet again
Those thoughts I’ll draw
Ha ahh…

World Domination How-to:
Who’s the one making a crazed and empty and sad face?
Fighting back as hard as you possibly can
But before the time passed
What you had gathered
Wasn’t a bomb or even a small knife
So let’s make a little promise that you keep forever
And let’s tear the price tag into tiny pieces
This stupid everyday
Is just some scrap wood but
Of course it’s too early to throw it away

And so, today on that platform
It’s the station’s very last stop
You know, tomorrow’s me is still there
Scared but waiting for a stupid and a dense and a selfish master

But no matter if the future can create some flying cars
Maybe even if they advance and make machines talk
Whatever you may say to me
Before you could even talk
You should please heal the wounds in my heart

Even if a too big missile should fly through the sky
And we ask for a little happiness from such a feat
I still have to become someone kinder
Can I really, really reaffirm myself?

Even if I say let’s look toward the happy future
If its gonna be dark then there’s no front or S@#!
I’m here all alone
I’m here with someone else
It all won’t make this loneliness cease

If I sing a song about my sad death
I’d just be stabbed by that evil wood stake
But even if
Just a stupid reaction
The words which come from my mouth they overflow
I can’t stop myself
So I can’t find them

And so, today I’m standing right here
I’ll be found in the arcade
Wouldn’t it be better if my tomorrow died?
We both hear the whistle of the last minute train

Even if I should lie and say love is just a curse
The truth will surely be killed by my conscience
Is this really the current me?
Really, we can’t do nothing
Because someone like you is someone I hate

Even if a too big missile should fly through the sky
And my life is depending on such a little feat
I still have to become someone kinder
I just want to, want to reaffirm
I still have to become someone kinder
Save me now or my heart will freeze to death

She stood here at the too crowded highway there
Eyes are closed; an attempt to oppose our gravity’s law
Morals, they all can die and I kick the shiny can
‘So this is youth’ how many times must I say this line?

Her life was too quick and she went to meet the place of her yesterday
And with an unusual face she wounds the plastic tape
Around her puny neck

And with the evil knife threatening to kill her dreams
Her tomorrow, it, screams out in pain
‘Please save me’ it cries
But I block it out with a shield of solitude
And I kill her dreams with too fancy justice
So our tomorrow, it spits blood
Setting fire to her and my
To all of our stupid memories in there

Yes, that’s right
My days were once not as bleak as these
Yes, in my past I was teased and bullied all the time
But even if I cried to the world about me
He hit me- the man who once was loved and kind
He lost everything; nothing should be left

And with the evil knife threatening to kill her dreams
Her tomorrow, it, screams out in pain
‘Please save me’ it cries
But I block it out with a shield of solitude
And I kill her dreams with too fancy justice
So our tomorrow, it spits blood
Setting fire to her and my
To all of our stupid memories in there

It won’t heal, my loneliness is endless
Other than us, ethics need no meaning
The aim of happiness, that was never there
So please tell me (just tell me)

If you want, we can say goodbye to this world
The voice I want to hide from, its hi-fi
The guy that never even heard
He now rules the teacher

And with the evil knife threatening to kill her dreams
Her tomorrow, it, screams out in pain
‘Please save me’ it cries
But I block it out with a shield of solitude
And I kill her dreams with too fancy justice
So our tomorrow, it spits blood
Setting fire to her and my
To all of our stupid memories in there

Embarrassment Hiding Adolescence:
What is with that new look?
What are you thinking?
Putting on some make-up doesn’t seem to be right

Does she have a day out?
Does she have a crush?
It’s that kind of ‘What if’ Sunday

Giving you some room wear
Giving you my jacket
Letting you use my favourite white parka
Though it looks like you’re too comfy with my hand-me-downs

Granting you permission to use, I spoil you
“Got that?”
Always falling for your too precious smile

It’s just that too young adolescence
Giving me shocks yet hiding it behind a…

What’s with that sad face?
It never changed
Losing too late
“Let’s go again!”
It’s not a joke, right?
It’s not a lie
It’s just too weird
To say it out loudly to your face

“Stop being annoying
Stop trying to follow”
Always acting distant, pulling up my white hood

Remember the old days
Remember as children
Never walking hand in hand, right?

Hiding your secret
Hiding my robot
Keeping it hidden, the fact that it was broken
Stubbornly keeping it even when found out about

Granting you forgiveness should be easier now
“Should it?”
Always changing them into honest words

It’s just that awkward adolescence
Giving you shocks yet hiding it behind a…

What’s with that routine?
It never changed
Arguing now
“Oi that was my lunch!”
It’s not a joke, right?
It’s not a lie
But I’m always there
Watching yet smiling from afar

Acting all grown-up
Put on a show
Acting like kids
Making a show

What’s with that sad face?
Don’t ever change
Even that face
Don’t try to hide
I’ll shout it out now
“You’re precious to me and should never ever ever be changed”

We’ll never change, right?
We’ll stay the same
I’ll always be there
Smiling yet watching by your side

Haahhh... I think that's all I have so far. I do have some other WIPs and I have done a batch for Cat Food but I don't have them on me at the moment. I'll edit in where I got the sources and such later. ^^

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