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YT Custom Thumbnails

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YT Custom Thumbnails

Post by Shinano15 on Thu Mar 20, 2014 4:21 pm

Ik some ppl don't have this option ( and if u're asking how it's only if ur channel is clear of any strikes for a long period stand ) but I was recently given this option and I rlly would like to take this to my advantage but like Ha...ha... idk how to use it properly. I generally export my thumbnail as a .png ( which is more preffered by most ppl and on YT I think? ) but like I can't get it to set on my video of choice. Idk if it's becuz I have to wait over time for the thumbnail to change or like if I'm just doing it wrong?

Someone just tell me that I'm just being a total butt face abut and need to wait for it to change into my custom thumbnail cuz I'm totally new to this whole concept 8D;

Scratch that part out, I think I've got it |'D

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