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Karolajana's translyrics

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Karolajana's translyrics

Post by Karolajana on Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:31 am

I'm from Poland, so I'm writing lyrics into Polish, but sometimes I try to wrote write something into English or Japanese. Here you have my Japanese translyrics to "Friend" from game "The Witch's House"

Demo: listen/2tbho6f7k7empm1/Friend+[+Japanese+

watashi ha tomodati wo sagashite iru
Dare mo boku o suki wa nai! 

So, kuru watashi ni! 
Kore wa hen'na!
Mamoru anata so
Sugu ni kite!


Shi wa amai
Shi wa boku amai yume
Demo anata wa 
Boku no yujin , sore demo

So, kuru watashi ni!
Kore wa hen'na!
Mamoru anata so
Sugu ni kite!


Singing Alias : Karolajana Female
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