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Karolajana's translyrics

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Karolajana's translyrics

Post by Karolajana on Fri Oct 18, 2013 12:31 am

I'm from Poland, so I'm writing lyrics into Polish, but sometimes I try to wrote write something into English or Japanese. Here you have my Japanese translyrics to "Friend" from game "The Witch's House"


watashi ha tomodati wo sagashite iru
Dare mo boku o suki wa nai! 

So, kuru watashi ni! 
Kore wa hen'na!
Mamoru anata so
Sugu ni kite!


Shi wa amai
Shi wa boku amai yume
Demo anata wa 
Boku no yujin , sore demo

So, kuru watashi ni!
Kore wa hen'na!
Mamoru anata so
Sugu ni kite!


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