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Post by Desol on Sat Jul 13, 2013 11:00 pm

Hello everyone! I'm so inactive XD i'll just post my translyrics here in hopes someone better at singing than me sings it!
NOTE* if you DO happen to use my lyrics, i would appreciate it if you could link me to the video so i can listen to your wonderful voices! :D also, gimme credit >:D
UPDATE! *videos have been added to most... please note most of these are quite old and was when i still had little experience in singing XD also, some may not have videos because i havent sung them yet.

6 trillion years in an overnight story *UPDATED* Finished!

In a town, unknown, to time or space
There was once, a boy with no real name
No record not a single reknown this is his fairy tale.

ever since, i was conceived into life
people treated me, like frankenstein
With no hope, no love, i just gave into my demise.

there was never any hurt, no sorrow left by all the pain
yet i sink into the night as the sun began to set

I don't know, I don't know about this riddle that you give
kindness after scolding wasn't quite a luxury to keep
what is warmth, i dunno because the rain just drowns it out
i am absolutely sure that i have not felt love at all.

Am i dead? not again, why wont i die just let me die
i could never see what dreamers say they see inside their head
now this tale is left unknown so i will drown myself again
My existence was forgotten leaving not a single trace

In this brutal time, you spent spat out
by the glaring eyes of human minds
You were there all alone again
so very desolate

But despite, the fact, i've been forbade
even just, to talk to you for a day
"What's your name?" "I dont have a name
Nor do i rights to talk"

Now that place that i belong
can no longer be a home
"Let us find it once again"
as you pulled away my palm

I dont know, i dont know, i dont know anything at all
Knowledge stating the growth of any every living thing
neither know, what this warmth from the fibres of the skin
Oh the only thing i really know's that this is very real

you wont stop, you wont stop, why wont you stop i ponder why?
Knowing well that if we are found we're surely gonna die
afterall, we're a curse, that's what everybody says.
drawing closer to the sun set as we vanish from the sight

Daytime or night time i can't tell anymore
Tired from all the games  we kept on moving on
Everything in this world aside from you and me
If we were the only two then happiness will be
If we were the only two then gleeful i will be

I dont know, Couldn't know about the voices that i hear
Wondering what'll happen in the future that we bring
I resist, you persist
as you took my hand again
always racing to the twilight
never being seen again

I dont know, i don't know i dont know anything at all
Once again asking sequiently what's happening to me
What's you're name?
I don't care, You dont have to tell me now.
I am satisfied with knowing that you'll be here by my side

I don't know, couldnt say
about the ringing in my ear.
As we draw towards the sun i feel it slowly disappear.

Ah, it's a wonderful cat's life~
What a cute girl, i thought as i gazed
Upon your lovely fur, and your beautiful face.
Im done simply staring at you on this lovely night
Would you like to come and play, while the moon is still so bright

A cat lives once and only once you know?
So let's make the best of things and have our share of fun!
would you like me to tear that collar holding you back?
My teeth are sharp enough to cut through anything that weak.

You will love being stray Nyan Nyan Nyan
Stealing fish from all the shops, chasing birds around the park.
and looking down on humans after one long day where i'll lie around the roof and slowly doze off

You should come with me too Nyan Nyan Nyan
My friends would more than love to add you to our list of buds
So open up that window and take my hand right now~ I'll show you round this town

You are such a reckless spunky little cat
I can only see your eyes that glow around the darkened sky,
Your words are spoken through that silver tongue you keep,
but i am not so foolish as to fall so easily.

A cat lives once and only once you know?
And so i rather be kept treated nicely as a pet.
I guess that you of all the cats wouldn't understand
Just how much these types of collars cost at all~

I've become a graceful cat Nyan Nyan Nyan
Eating hearty meals and sleeping soundly on a comfy bed.
And although i really hate the feeling of the water
I still take a shower once everyday of the week.

So in comparison Nyan Nyan Nyan
Who is there to protect you when the going get's tough?
You never know when you'd get hit by a car. I'd hate to think of that~

oh how that sassiness, draws me towards you even more.
I think you've caught my heart, I've taken an interest in you.

Oh my, you are quite bold, but to that end, your move was wrong.
you could never win my heart like that.

I have the fantasy Nyan Nyan Nyan
of leaving this town as the time passes by.
And have a journey out into the northern land
just to see the blissful waves of auroras in the sky.

And maybe if you want to, Nyan Nyan Nyan
Maybe you could come with me and see the sights out on the skies.
But i guess it's nothing but a dream right now...

The way i live right now Nyan Nyan Nyan
Is a habit too hard to be changed in one day.
And i do not have the heart, nor the hate
just to leave the girl who takes good care of me alone

Hey im still talking here Nyan Nyan Nyan
Hey dont leave just yet, please wait a little more.
if you feel like seeing me again in the next few days...
I'll wait for your return...

Aimai Elegy

Tears again flowing out my eyes…
Guess i'm still just a weeping coward
nothing nice, not single smile… I can't even force one out right now…

Probably, indefinitely
I said the words that allowed this sadness
Maybe so, but i could be wrong…
I've even lost control of my own mind.

Now it's time
I should save you
Dragged down by my own paranoia
Running it down like a towel wrung
I'll force out all the courage i have

But you know,
I am scared to death
my feet tremble as I try to stand
attempt to get up
now i'll start to run
and in turn fall.

My fear took over me
I didn't want to drown
I didn't have skill
nor did i have the gills
so i try to escape
with no luck at the time
I struggled desperately
but just got washed away by your distraught.

Not a clue how i just survived.
"sorry" is all i can say right now…
I'm fine I have no regrets… just saying words as a big excuse

One more step just one more step
you always seem to get even further
vividly i can see our smiles
just like a bubble rising and bursting

Now, I won't run anymore
I can't just leave you there
You will need my breath as well
yeah, let our lips elope, I need to see your everything before my own eyes

so now i will take a dive
and I'll take all your sorrow away from your every fibre
now, just try to hold your breath
and maybe you could stop our time too?

If you are filled with tears
and cannot hold it in
And it's already leaked
out of your eye lid
then maybe i should take
all of your tears with me
So what if i gain weight
I do not mind at all
Though i am not so fond
of your so salty taste
I mean you know me
I rather sweet things
and so I'll say this once
I want to feel that love
that sweetness that i felt
and so beg of you
open your eyes!

to our new elegy!

Ama no Jaku

give me a chance to say this to you, Say the words that lost its meaning when you left, I'm not asking for your love, not at all. I just want to try and be you're friend once more.
Every passing day, you take another step, while I am stuck in place blaming myself and regrets. Lying through my breath, i try to say the words, contradictions led astray the feelings held inside

Another rainy day inside this barren land, I felt a pain inside that surged right through the core. Spent the other day again on playing games. Like mind had played my heart a thousand times. In a way it helped me forget you, or maybe i missed you too much for me to bare. Thinking maybe I should try to turn back, but then the mark you left would still remain inside. My mind is just like broken merry-go-round simply going over in one big endless loop.

Tell me how do i rid, myself of all the love that you left?
Who should i give it to? should i let it be? What's on you're mind right now?
All these questions inside, Left unanswered like everything…
I've asked, so tell me.

Wishing desperately that i could shout it out, No words to use, my mouth wont open at all. Did you play a game without emotion? Was it all a lie to get inside of my heart…? Not a single colour in my eyes. Your words have left me so colourblind
let me ask if my emotions really count? Are they really worth a damn to you or not?
No, Not a clue. I have no other thoughts now. Drowning in the sorrow that you built for me.

Everything seems to scream inside my head now, All the words you left, trying to break out. Should i really wait until the whole world disappears…?

I am stuck by these chains, they hold me back while you walk.
I am trying desperately to break free so that you're not so far away.
Thoughts clear up in my head, knowing for awhile what i had been.
I was born lying coward to myself

Whom do i give this love? It spills right out of my own hands
Never really knowing, how to walk past, These childish fantasies.
I will keep on waiting, as i stop my own lies tonight!
Mada matsuyo.

one more time.

Coward Montblanc
Spoiler: (The one i have on youtube was horrible... and i dont want to post this on youtube since i dedicated this to a friend of mine)
The words in my head, they all scream out. Within every doubt my mind goes blank.
And now im not so sure… if what we have could be called love anymore~

My memories of old, are all so cold. Who was it that i loved? i just don't know
No Recall, no record, no more remorse
out of sight, Not of mind, It'll be somewhere

Would it be best? should i
just lay down and drown it out now?

There was no hope, to be found
It's just my sense of truth
There is no need for me to keep repeating
our own pact's long overdue
As much as i fight
There's no denying i will fall right back to you.

again, not a clue, how to think, or even just view, my own little bruise
and now i start to doubt, my own sweet love. In turn, yours too. is this my all?

No memories to find. I'm not sure why.  I can't recall my love, no love to recall.
Slowly it, fades away, into the abyss
Wandering haplessly, pondering sadly.

Put me to an end, Just let me lay down and
rest my burnt out voice

I'll hope again for it to be true
There's no more turning back
I have to find a way to escape my madness
eating mont blancs, while still unsure
What do i have to lose? I simply find myself
Drowned by it's sweetened taste

My thoughts of you are loose
eventually it'll break
and i'll no longer be able to
say what i want to say

"you might as well just let go of yourself
i don't want you here"

There was no hope, to be found
It's just my sense of truth
There is no need for me to keep repeating
our own pact's long overdue
As much as i fight
There's no denying i will fall right back to.

Yet in the midst of this truth
I find myself in doubt
Im wishing "let it be a lie or nightmare"
they would still say, to this date
The me that i was now
is still a coward fond of sweetened montblancs~


inside the cycle goes full blown my heart still keeps a part of you
so in the end when i move on, i find myself repeating life...

Irony*updated(edited words)

I really cant keep on walking anymore
I feel like im about to burst from being sore
I apologize for looking gloomy and for looking so crude
but i just really wanna end it all.

I wish that i could just lie down...
I really wish that i could just lie down though...
The stream of time that flows throughout the world, will never stop
and so I know, i'll just drown once more...

yeah yeah yeah..

Whenever things are looking rather upbeat
The world just goes ahead and turns it's back on me
Once again it makes me wanna just let it all it
To my regret, that's quite a fact.

I feel the misery within me.
It hurts so much that i can only hardly ever breathe.
But then again i guess its just because i couldnt let go
and so i kept all my regrets.

Maybe this isnt so bad at all,
Knowing full well how bad it goes,
Still i just wanted to know why
you have to keep everything funny away

But i guess

That is me

simply dumb


I still hope to fly away.

If it's really just gonna end the same way,
Just toss, me into the abyss of despair!

You say to start relying on people
But whats the point when nobody wants to know
but then again i guess its my own fault
For believing them at all
I understand that even demons
Have all felt their share of hardships oh
But is it right just to block rest out?
Stop confusing me you fraud!

Thats right, my brain is scattered all across the room
I know, I've already been told what to do
But i just really cannot comprehend the easy things
No matter how close i seem to be

Then bam, everything just seems a whole lot harder
than it really is, can you blame it all on me?
"You seem very sick"
I dont wanna hear it
Just leave me all alone for all i care right now.

All of my dreams and my fantasies
Just dont match up with reality
always comparing the two with morallity
Even if it turns on me

No more games
No more days
Just to try, find my way
to make my dreams come true

while looking for a place to cry out
I've already exhausted all of my breath!

I hate to drag on with my emotions
But what i hope for, just couldnt take its form
"The stars will light the way to your new home"
Yet the sun just drowns them out

You say you hide things so they dont hurt me
But then it hurts alot more when i find it out
My heart is weaker than majority
Dont you dare touch it at all!

Back off right now...
Get off my back...
The muddy road that i keep walking
just keep getting worse -ah-
I'm just exhausted, my legs are weary.
And now it's far too late to just walk away
And so i put my hands over my own ears
oh how dreadful i cry out

What's the reason for existing?
There's nothing left to do but to move right on
But is that all that i can do now?
Stop confusing me you fraud!

Kowareta Pierrot(Karakuri pierrot piano ver spin-off)

You were alone, as i awoke another day.
close my eyes again, just thinking bout how you'd feel…
passengers walking by, floating clouds in the sky
i never thought that i would ever show the weakness inside

i'd always told you that i, adored you more than anything…
I'd always want to be there right by your side
No matter what i do, i just cant seem to reach you
and i can see the light, slowly in your eyes, fading far away from sight…

holding out, holding out, i still can't reach you at all
go back to your room now, wishing desperately to god
Are you still alone, drowned by the rain, waiting for me to get you?
I plan to say i'm sorry next time, we meet again…

Time froze in place, as i awoke again
There's something in my heart, that feels as if it were misplaced...
Despite my feelings for you, adoring everything
I want to be right by you even now…

That reddish thread-like nerve, hanging out of my head
Just where i ask, would it cohere to in the end?
and looking back down, right underneath the truck.
That body on the ground, Was unmistakably my own…
ah, all i see, all i hear, all i feel is fading out
ah, i cant breathe, i cant breathe, i cant breathe no air to breathe

holding out, holding out, i still can't reach you at all
go back to your room now, wishing desperately to god
Hoping you would stop your weeping… i just cant stop them leaking…
And that was when i noticed, i am so broken.

Holding out, holding out, i still cant reach you at all….
Go back to your room now, Even i cannot go back…
I know i'm the pierrot that, merely made you unhappy…
return to your own world and, simply, leave me behind...…

go back home…. go back home… go back home…!


It's alright it's fine, I played the fool so use me as a tool…
I perform to wipe your tears, just a nameless pierrot

falling off extravagantly for you
trying to balance the ball between my feet to know you…
recklessly, i flail around as i fall
seeing you smile is the only thing I really want…

Seeing tears well out your eyes, in front of everyone
i couldn't bare to see you cry anymore than i had then…
Even your parents wouldnt notice, so then i shall be at your service…
To wipe your tears is why i'm here to perform

It's alright, it's fine! There is no pain to feel within this mask.
keep on laughing for me dear. it's my only joy
It's alright it's fine, I balance once again upon a ball
falling for you and your laughs, I'm an average pierrot
once again, your tears were never-ending…
"stop it with all the lies, and all the silly antics"
"i had never lied to anyone"
Knowing it's all for you, you cried again and again…

Show me all your secrets now, the feelings kept inside
all of the things you've kept away, sealed inside that wooden face
Cry when you want to or can't hold it, scream out in pain or even sadness…
the agony, is not yours to bear all alone…

It's alright, its fine! there is no need for you to smile in pain
Quit the lies and all the doubts, promise me today!
It's alright it's fine! I'll bear the pain you shoulder all the time.
hold you tightly in my arms, as we cry away

It's alright, it's fine. The mask I wore so long ago is gone
Leaving nothing but my face, i see clearly now
It's  alright it's fine,the atmosphere was so euphoric,
behold, the lying pierrot now fades away

pon pon pon

if we just go back in time, then maybe we could jump again by the crossing signs.
You and i would hold our hands and look up to the sky, right by this very town that i reside all week,
Sitting quietly while muttering atop this hill, where the clouds would seem to float forever more in the sky~
At least i don't wake up with tears in my eyes, cause i know that i still have to keep on going on, and on and on…

Pon Pon, here we go
Let's go out and have some fun
Skip, jump, run around, let's go wild and go all out
Music, to my ears, headphones loudly booming off.
hey way, come my way. Bounce around and sing along

pon pon! Let us move, Keep ascending through these bouts!
Can you finally, hear what you yourself would want?
Poi Poi! just move on, just forgive and just forget
That's it, away we go. a ah you make me happy.

everyday is pon, everytime is pon.
I feel like riding merry-go rounds all day
Everyday is pon! every time is pon…
Though maybe im too old, to ride at all.

Pon pon here we go
Let's go out and have some fun!
skip jump, run around. Let's go wild and go all out
Music to my ear, headphones loudly booming off
hey way, come my way. Bounce around and sing along

Pon pon! let us move, keep ascending through these bouts!
Can you finally, hear what you yourself would want?
Poi Poi! just move on, Just forgive and Just forget
That's it, away we go. A ah you make me happy.

Everyday is pon! everytime is pon!
I feel like riding merry-go-rounds all day!
Everyday is pon! everytime is pon…
It's probably not right, for me to ride…

Pon pon, way way way
pon pon way pon way pon pon
Way way pon pon pon
way way pon way pon way way

Pon pon, way way way
pon pon way pon way pon pon
Way way pon pon pon
way way pon way pon way way

Your eyes

One by one the sounds collect
you slowly hear them getting louder too

but honestly, the sound itself
just deafens me despite my own denial

The strings i played on my guitar since yesterday
I really couldn't strum it

Just merely imitating sounds that came from
your cd which you lent wholly

I just couldn't stay fading into dust
while i pretended to be inattentive
and yet a scent, so far from what i would've known
had just escaped from the chords that were brimming with the sound
" one more rhythm found, so similar to those that i adore."

I don't give a damn, not single damn, the song was made for your eyes alone, nothing more
so i write this song to try, try to imitate
the only song writer you ever  listened to at all you know
"nothing smart at all"
Just give me trash if you want i don't really care if you harass it
all i  wanted then
was to find a way
to make your eyes look into my own and see inside your soul


Burn Burn Burn <3 (Pon Pon Pon Parody about burning school down :D hurray molotovs!)

If i could just go back in time, And maybe throw a molotov at my own school…
Then run away while sticking up the little bird. thats right my third finger says to you get screwed.
maybe even throw a few grenades into the sky, and watch as all the bricks just get blown out of proportion
At least i wont wake up so stressed about my life, cuz i know that school just has to keep on going on…and on and on…

BURN BURN here we go
Lets go get our molotovs
Throw, watch, runaway, leave it burning for awhile
Music, to my ears… brick walls loudly booming off
hey way, come my way, throw a freaking fire bomb

Burn Burn! let us move, keep on flaming all these schools
Can you finally, hear the crumbling of the walls?
Boom Boom! lets move on, next time get a flame thrower
That's it, torch it good. a ah this makes me happy

Everyday burn~ every time they burn
I feel like im riding a merry-go-round
Everyday burn~ every time they burn
I feel like all my troubles fly away

Burn Burn here we go
This time Burn it to the ground
Skip, jump, run around, Making sure there's nothing left
Music to my ear, I can hear them crumbling
Hey way, run away, I can hear the fire trucks

Burn Burn, yay yay yay
burn burn yay burn yay burn burn!
Yay Yay Burn Burn Burn
Yay Yay burn Yay Burn yay Yay (x2)

my channel:

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Post by Aerlith on Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:41 am

Aw yay! A translyrics of Six Trillion Years Overnight Story. XD And I like your Ponponpon~ I just tried it and it was really easy to sing! Can't wait to see your actual videos of the songs!
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Post by Desol on Sun Jul 14, 2013 8:21 am

I'm glad you liked it^^ I've just updated it so that the videos are mostly in the spoilers. enjoy~

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Post by Desol on Sat Apr 05, 2014 4:54 am

Update on 6 trillion years and an overnight story! i have finished the lyrics and i will sing it soon~

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