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2ne1's "Scream", tips?

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2ne1's "Scream", tips?

Post by hinatakouyama on Thu Jul 19, 2012 7:54 pm

Hey gais,

Some of you may have heard of 2ne1's new song Scream (click the link for a short preview if you're unfamiliar with it).

Well, I've come across Yabisi's English cover of it, and fell in love (as I do with most of her covers), and was thinking of trying to cover it as well. The thing is, I can't really sing in this sort of style.

Okay, maybe "can't" is not the best term; You could say I'm inexperienced in this sort of thing, and I don't know, I find rapping to sound kind of awkward in English, because if you don't sound good, you'll definitely notice (also, sorry if I used the incorrect term. Rapping is as close as I'm getting to their singing in this song).

Anyways-- I was hoping to receive some tips as to how to sing in a similar manner so I don't sound like I'm trying too hard. OTL I am trying to use Yabisi's cover as a reference point, but I can hardly understand how she does that, along with making harmonies for it (I'm constantly struggling with making harmonies sound nice as well).
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