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adidas ts supernatural commander review

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adidas ts supernatural commander review Empty adidas ts supernatural commander review

Post by lili810 on Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:52 am

adidas ts supernatural commander review Adidas-TS-Supernatural-Commander-Kevin-Garnett-PE

adidas ts supernatural commander review Adidas-TS-Supernatural-Commander-Kevin-Garnett-PE_2

Adidas TS Supernatural Commander Review Review Kevin Garnett PE this silhouette is the new “big man” model following the LT Commander, and has been worn so far by the likes of Dwight Howard in addition to KG. The adidas ts supernatural commander shoes uppers on this PE are done with cross-stitched cream leather and regular white leather on the toe and mudguard. The cream matches up with the outsole, while the midsole and midfoot straps feature the classic Celtic Green. As we've grown to see on adidas TS models, Kevin's signature and number both appear as well.

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