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.w. Magnet

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.w. Magnet

Post by Akai on Wed Feb 09, 2011 5:05 pm

Um, a few questions.

On magnet, preferabbly the miku parts, any tips on how to reach some of her high notes?

My voice will just vanish when im trying to do it, and it's annoying. =3=;

I know there's a thread with vocal helps for your voice, but I kinda don't want to look there. .w. And

the second question;

Would doing two low parts instead of one high, one low, be weird? Dx

Need suggestions, thanks ;^; ) :


Singing Alias : Lemon / れむん Female
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Re: .w. Magnet

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:03 pm

You mean the high notes in the chorus?
If you can hit everything in Luka's part, then you should be able to hit Miku's also.
Please clarify, huhu~

Once a upon a time, I could not reach them, either.
It was all a matter or practice and drinking water.
And no, two low voices will not sound weird as long as you do something to differentiate between them.
..What the heck, why not a self-duet?

But seriously, go look in that thread for more (and better) opinions and tips.


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Re: .w. Magnet

Post by LemonP on Wed Feb 09, 2011 8:47 pm

oh, maybe you don't sing with enough power, less breath, etc etc? or you already do that?

my advice is : don't sing if you can't hit the notes

everything has it's own ability and weakness. so do people with their singing. even for professional singers, it's not good if you strain your voice too much. otherwise, it'll sound bad and show your weakness...

but if you still want to do this, i'll give you some advice :
it's important to every singer (professional or not) to know their range. not just alto/soprano or tenor/bass but you need to know notes you can hit or not. Every time I want to sing an song, i'll find it's notes (the song) and compare them to my range. If I can't sing the song, I won't do that.

try working hard on your vocal range by improving your chest voice range or falsetto. but it doesn't mean it can be done this quickly. the progress might be slow or not, depends on you. Smile
don't strain yourself too much. good luck.

PS : well, i'm still learning though. let's work hard together to improve our singing and vocal range. /o/

Motor Mouth

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Re: .w. Magnet

Post by Akai on Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:39 am

@ Ny, Well yes the high notes. I can do luka's part easy as heck, but miku's high chorus parts are a complete failure. And yea, I'll look in that thread in a second.

@Lemon, Well, I try using most of the power I have, and alot of breathe too. But, I also kinda have to sing it. In chorus, my grade is automatically 'sopranos', so we have high notes. But! I can't reach those either, and I don't know if I'm straining my voice everytime I do them. Ah, I'll try getting better at it though. x.x Wish me luck~


Singing Alias : Lemon / れむん Female
Posts : 262
Join date : 2010-03-14
Age : 19
Location : o u o

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Re: .w. Magnet

Post by Sponsored content

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