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Do you like how you sing?

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Re: Do you like how you sing?

Post by 247 on Sat Dec 20, 2014 10:54 am

I used to hate my voice so much I deleted my channel and started a new. I've come to accept it. I have more control now. Not so much confidence as much I don't care as much anymore. ; )

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Re: Do you like how you sing?

Post by Alroetsue on Sat Dec 20, 2014 6:58 pm

jun wrote:thread bump after a month!

I like my voice.
But. What I don't like about it is that somehow it sounds really rounded (?) when I listen to my own recordings, no idea if it's because I started from classical singing in choir :/
(or because of the room I'm recording in, or my lousy phone mic lol. will get a proper condenser mic to experiment with~)
Oh I can't seem to sing with enough emotion, I feel ><
Yeah, the round-voice you mention hearing is most likely because of classical-styled singing. An easy way to distinguish the forward voice vs the round voice is that the round voice seems to touch the roof of your mouth rather than exit your mouth. whereas the forward voice is.. just out your mouth and not concentrated on any areas in your mouth besides out. :I Forward voice is best for more "modern" genres (especially pop and jazz), whereas the round voice is best with classical and folk.

Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention how i feel about the topic; I like my voice but it doesn't suit most regular genres. I think it sounds best with classical and folk haha
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Re: Do you like how you sing?

Post by Seitanoshuuki on Sun Dec 28, 2014 8:07 pm

As I get better at singing and as I get more used to hearing myself, I think my own voice has kind of grown on me. 

My lower range isn't very powerful, but I think it's got a kind of nice-guy vibe to it, which I really like. Hehe. My upper range is a mix of mature and cute/pretty. I find it kind of odd, but I think it reflects my personality well, and it makes me pretty happy that who I am is reflected in my singing voice. Happiness
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Re: Do you like how you sing?

Post by Wakai on Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:11 am

I'm not a fan of my voice. I've got like 3 modes and I only like one of them. My lowest register is far too opera/dark for any covers. My highest is pretty much awful; sustaining high notes is more likely to kill me than get any music out.

My middle range is alright, but few songs fall in that range. I also hate how my voice is basically suited to light acoustic songs; pop or rock? screw that. sucks most of the songs i listen to are pop and rock. >.>

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Re: Do you like how you sing?

Post by Black Rage Infinity on Mon Jan 19, 2015 4:20 pm

I honestly used to hate my singing voice even after I got lessons because I couldn't do a bunch of the stuff I really wanted to do ( like scream or sound really husky) and I often had issues holding notes or staying in tune from time to time but, instead of simply giving in to hate, I worked hard to improve my voice and learn what it could do well so that I couldn't help but like it.

So, now, I like my voice. A lot. Sure, there's things I still wish I could do and places where I need to improve, but you don't get any closer to your destination by sitting down and crying about how far away it is.
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Re: Do you like how you sing?

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:41 pm

gonna post an update to my original post here.

it's been a little over a year since i became a youtaite (still feels weird to call myself that xD) the moment, i have very mixed feelings about my voice.  sometimes, i think i improved a little, other times, i feel like i've regressed and actually sound worse (and rather nasal).  i think i still need to learn better control of my voice, i'm just finding it hard without proper instruction.  

i find songs in the tenor range usually suit my voice best and they're among the easiest for me to sing without having to strain my voice.  come to think of it, i think i probably sound best when using my middle range, which i don't use as often as i should, since i sing most songs an octave below (cos the original pitch is far too high).

i'm still having a lot of trouble with my higher range and it's even more inconsistent than my chest voice, so i still don't like my high voice.

i'll admit, i feel discouraged a lot listening to my own work.  i'm constantly listening to it over and over again, to see what areas i need to improve on and it's painful xD  but i'm a stubborn person, and so far, i'm still fighting to improve as best i can and this is still a hobby i enjoy, despite my shortcomings.  hopefully one day, i can look back on something i did and be proud of it.


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Re: Do you like how you sing?

Post by keagie on Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:35 pm

hmmm do I like how I sing?? Not really, because I tend to sound too "cutesy" and can't pull of mature songs too well. I really wish that my voice was deeper so that I'd have an easier time singing lower songs. 

I do think that in the past few years I've improved my range and gotten a lot better, but I'm still working towards achieving the voice I want. I usually end up liking my recordings at first, then going over them tons of time until I've picked out so many little things that I can't even listen to them anymore. 

I guess my voice is good for high and "cutesy" songs, but I really wish that I could sing other songs that I like which are more mature and gentle. o.O

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Re: Do you like how you sing?

Post by Sponsored content

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